HD465-8 HD605-8 Shop Manual

Dump Truck HD465-8 HD605-8 Shop Manual

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HD465-8 HD605-8 Shop Manual

Precautions Before Work
Related Information on Testing and Adjusting
Tools for Testing and Adjusting
Sketch of Tools for Testing and Adjusting
Engine and Cooling System
Examine Engine Speed
Examine Boost Pressure
Examine Exhaust Gas Temperature
Examine Exhaust Gas Color
Examine Mass Air Flow and Temperature Sensor
Examine and Adjust Valve Clearance
Examine Compression Pressure
Examine Blowby Pressure
Examine Engine Oil Pressure
Examine EGR Valve and VGT Oil Pressure
Examine Fuel Pressure
Examine Fuel Return Rate and Leakage
Bleed Air from Fuel System
Examine Fuel Circuit for Leakage
Examine Supply Pump

Komatsu HD 465-8 HD605-8 Shop Manual


HD465-8 30001 and up
HD605-8 30001 and up