HM300-2 Field Assembly Instruction

Komatsu Articulated Dump Truck HM300-2 Field Assembly Instruction

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Komatsu HM300-2 Field Assembly Instruction

1 Drawings of removed units
2 Dimensions of removed units
3 Assembly procedure, necessary equipments, and schedule
4 Necessary tools and equipments
5 Assembly procedure No.
0100 Positioning bare machine
0150 Installation of rear monitor
0200 Installation engine hood mirrors
0250 Installation of right and left mudguards
Adjusting N2 gas of front and rear suspensions
0390 Installation of seating sensor plate for PLM
0400 Sticking of dump body decals
0410 Check of inflation pressure of tires and inflation of them
A0100 Installation of antenna
r adjustment for reference
Machine check sheet for field assembly

Komatsu HM 300-2 Field Assembly Instruction


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