1) Parties:


This agreement is made between the user of AutoPDF.net website ("Member") and AutoPDF.net ("Site") upon membership registration.


2) Subject of the Agreement:


This agreement contains provisions on the dispute resolution methods between the parties that may arise during the use of the services provided by the Site.


3) Terms of the Agreement:


  1. Membership registration is completed by providing the member's personal information accurately and completely.
  2. By accepting the terms of this agreement, the member acknowledges and undertakes that they are aware of all the rules that must be complied with during the use of the Site.
  3. The Site undertakes not to share members' personal information with third parties.
  4. The Site will take necessary security measures for members' data security.
  5. The Site reserves the right to delete membership information if a member wishes to terminate their membership for any reason.


4) Termination:


This agreement can be terminated by mutual agreement between the parties.