PC130-8 Shop Manual

Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator PC130-8 (SERIAL NUMBERS 80001 and up) Shop Manual

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Komatsu PC130-8 (SERIAL NUMBERS 80001 and up) Shop Manual

01 Specification
Specification and technical data
10 Structure, function and maintenance standard
Engine and cooling system
Power train
Undercarriage and frame
a Hydraulic system, Part 1
Hydraulic system, Part 2
a Hydraulic system, Part 3
Work equipment
Cab and its attachments
Electrical system
20 Standard value table
Standard service value table
30 Testing and adjusting
Testing and adjusting, Part 1
Testing and adjusting, Part 2
Testing and adjusting, Part 3
40 Troubleshooting
50 Disassembly and assembly
90 Diagrams and drawings


SERIAL NUMBERS 80001 and up