PC240LC -10 PC240NLC -10 Shop Manual

Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator PC240LC -10 PC240NLC -10 Shop Manual

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Komatsu PC240LC -10 PC240NLC -10 Shop Manual

Standard service value table
30 Testing and adjusting
Table of contents
General information on testing and adjusting
Engine and cooling system
Power train
Undercarriage and frame
Hydraulic system
Cab and its attachments
Electrical system
Pm clini
40 Troubleshooting
Table of contents
General information on troubleshooting
Troubleshooting by failure code (Display of code)
Troubleshooting of electrical system (E-mode)
Troubleshooting of hydraulic and mechanical system (H-mode)
Troubleshooting of engine (S-mode)
Auto grease system
50 Disassembly and assembly


90001 and up
K60001 and up